Cleopatra Hookah Orlando
Cleopatra Hookah Orlando

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Cleopatra Hookah Orlando

7733 Turkey Lake Rd

Orlando, FL 32819


For reservations call: 407-704-7993 or use our contact form.

Happy Hour Specials

Regular drink specials make Cleopatra Hookah Orlando a favorite after-work destination.

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Hookah Selection

At Cleopatra Hookah Lounge we like for you to have the option to choose any flavor and we gaurantee that we will have it. We are constantly expanding our hookah selection. We carry over 200 flavors for you to choose from with 3 different brands of Tobacco. With your choice to choose the hose and coals you like to smoke from.


We have the quickest quick light coals that don't give an after taste, Three Kings Charcoal, and the Natural Coals Coco Nara.

Have you tried smoking from the Mystic Ice Hose? Keeps the hookah fresh and cold the entire time you are smoking. It also thickens the smoke which makes you enjoy your hookah ten times more.

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